The choice of software is a key factor in the quality a company can offer.
The way the software is being used is without any doubt even more important and leads to improved business results, motivated people and a healthy working environment.

Our trainings are offered on-demand: whatever you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Training for END-USERS

At BrainWorX we believe software is only as effective as the way it is being used, education of end-users may not be ignored.
We often see high quality software without the expected added value to the business objectives.
BrainWorX will investigate each specific need for education and provide the missing peace in your business success.


Data, people and software must all be integrated in the most flexible way in order to continuously improve your business today and in the future.
Business processes or software solutions are mostly created by different it-professionals using different technologies and need to be kept up to date.
BrainWorX will help your company in the training of your professionals and keep them up to date in the up- and coming information technologies regarding business processes and software development.

Some of our references: Ace GroepT, Flemish Government, Syntra.